BARCO Manufacturing LLC (BARCO Mfg) was established in 1999 in response to the growing need for quick-response manufacturing of Stainless Steel products for the Construction Industry. With more facilities looking for the cleanliness and durability of Stainless Steel, BARCO Mfg fits the bill. 

We offer custom-designed and manufactured Stainless Steel products to meet our clients’ requirements. Give us your design for our assistance in supplying your project. 

BARCO Mfg also serves as the representative for Roof Penetration Housings, LLC (RPH) in North Jersey, Greater New York City, Maryland and Virginia. Roof Penetration Housings, LLC (RPH) builds configurable, engineered and warrantied solutions for roof and wall penetrations.

The RPH VAULT series is third-party tested to meet IECC-2015 air permeance levels, insulation requirements, and SRI LEED requirements. Their CYCLONE series is third-party tested to meet ICC 500-2014 and FEMA P-361 for Safe Room and Storm Shelter plumbing, mechanical, and electrical products.

RPH offers an insured 20-year warranty on all VAULT and Exit Seal products and an insured 10-year warranty on all of their CYCLONE products. RPH is the answer to safe, code compliant penetrations that last the test of time, no matter your project.